Please review the catering contract, complete in its entirety and submit when finished. When accompanied with a deposit, this contract guarantees the services indicated below, for the date and time indicated below. 


  • Serving dishes/utensils will be disposable unless prior arrangements made.
  • Linens, china dinnerware, chafing dishes and butane fuel can be rented from caterer. Please inquire about the rental fee before a deposit is made. We do not automatically include any of these items.

  • Local delivery is $30. Any deliveries made more than 30 miles (60 miles round trip) from zip code 13219 are subject to a .50 per mile fee. Pick-up from Café Jarosz Catering’s commercial kitchen in Syracuse, N.Y. is free.

    *Extra fees apply if caterer or banquet server(s) requested to stay for the event (full service). This must be confirmed with caterer prior to making a deposit to determine staff availability. If this is not confirmed prior to event, caterer/staff will NOT be present during event.

  • Event dates cannot be "held" for more than five days from date of inquiry, no exceptions. An event does not get entered into our calendar until we receive a signed contract and deposit.


  • A deposit of 50% of the anticipated total or a minimum $25 charge (whichever is greater) confirms your event reservation. This deposit is non-refundable. Café Jarosz Catering accepts cash, checks (payable to Cafe Jarosz Catering) and credit cards via telephone for the deposit.
  • Final payment is due the day of the event. Final payment must be cash or via credit/debit card. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS FOR FINAL PAYMENT.

  • Orders/headcount must be finalized and provided to Café Jarosz Catering seven days prior to the event. This is considered the “final deadline.”

  • An additional $5 per person, in addition to the set price per guest, will be charged if count increases after the final deadline. An additional $10 per person, in addition to the set price per guest, will be charged on the day of the event. No refund will be issued if the actual guest count is lower than the final count.

  • For security purposes, we currently do not accept online payments. Please contact us to make deposit arrangements.

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